VCI Engineered Film 1

VCI Engineered Film

VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) Engineered Film is a high performance film, specially designed for the automatic packaging of metal coils. The film has superior strength, puncture & tear resistance characteristics as well as corrosion inhibiting properties for anti-corrosion. 

ID Protection Ring 4

Protection Rings

Protection rings are utilized for the protection and safe handling of steel coils during the banding, packaging and handling process. Made from high impact resistant plastic engineered to absorb the forces of product transfer inside mills and during shipments to customers. These rings prevent damage from cranes, J-hooks and strapping chains caused by impact and friction.

VCI Poly-Woven 7

VCI Poly-Woven

VCI Poly-Woven (2-side coated) material is utilized for the protection of steel coils, flat rolled steel, metal coated products and metal service centers. Used for abrasion resistant and moisture barrier of material with superior strength and tear resistance.

OD Laminated Flex Board 10

FlexBoard Edge Protection

Flexible edge protection is constructed from durable laminated paperboard and is designed for inner and outer diameter for protection of steel coil edges during the packaging, handling and storage process.


Plastic Edge Protection

Plastic extrusion-molded flexible edge protection is constructed from high impact resistant plastic and is designed for automatic machine application to protect steel coil edges during the packaging, handling and storage process.

Clear Stretch Film 13

Stretch Film

High strength stretch film (VCI & Non-VCI) for automated wrapping machines of steel coils. Machine film offers a wide selection of gauges and lengths, strong load containment and remarkable stretch, providing excellent value and exceptional performance. 

Corner Edge Protection 14

VGuard Edge Protectors

VGuard provides edge protection from the damage caused by steel strapping during the banding process. Constructed from durable laminated paperboard. Various sizes and gauges are available, which can be used for manual or automatic strap applications.

Corrugated Donuts 15

Corrugated Plastic Donuts

Plastic corrugated donuts are constructed from high impact resistant polypropylene and are designed to protect steel coils side wall face during the packaging, handling and storage process. Standard Sizes: 44”, 54” and 67” (custom sizes available).

Seal Pad Laminated 16

Seal Pads (Laminated)

Seal Pads are used to keep the metal seal from making direct contact with the metal coil. The pad keeps the seal slightly elevated above the coil for protection.

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